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Doctor of Ministry in Leadership

Apply for DMin

Note: you may apply for the DMin through one of three institutions:

  • AGST Alliance
  • Bible College of Malaysia
  • Malaysia Bible Seminary

A common application process is used, but you will need to indicate clearly which of these three institutions you prefer to come into the DMin program under.

Click here to download the application papers for the DMin program


Please note: We request that you email your application papers to us, in soft-copy format (i.e. as e-documents). When scanning transcripts, photos, etc., please set the resolution to standard/medium, so that files are not too large. As we process your application we may request hard-copy (i.e. paper) copies of items.




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EdD(Child & Family Development)

EdD(Spiritual Formation & Discipleship)

DMin in Leadership
July 2018

Master of Transformational Development
February 2018

















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