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Doctor of Ministry in Leadership

Module Dates

These details may be amended, subject to the availability of the module facilitators and campus facilities.

[TBC= To be confirmed.]




Christian thinking & ministry practice

Facilitator: Dr Jennifer Turner
(pastor-mentor & writer, Perth, Australia)

July–October 2015

On-campus sessions: 20-25 August

Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary campus, Penang


Kingdom, church & society

Facilitator: Dr. David Morgan, PhD.
(Director of Learning and Teaching, Dean of Academic Administration, Lecturer, Eastern College, Australia)

February–May 2016

On-campus sessions: 7-12 April

On campus location: Melaka


Ministry leadership: Issues & challenges

Facilitator: Dr. Jeff Pugh, PhD. Senior Lecturer, Eastern College, Australia

July–October 2016

On-campus sessions: 4-9 September

On campus location: Port Dickson


Approaches & practices for ministry-based research

Facilitator: Dr Tan Sooi Ling

(DMin Program Director)

[includes seminar with Dr. Brainerd Prince]

February–June 2017

On-campus sessions: 18-23 May

On campus location: MBTS, Penang


Pastoral theology: Issues and challenges in integrating the disconnect between our beliefs and the practices of our faith

Facilitator: Dr Tony Lim
(Vice Principal/English Department Dean, Malaysia Bible Seminary)

August–November 2017

On-campus sessions: 5-10 Oct, 2017

On campus location: Melaka (Puri Hotel)


Education for Christian Faith Development

Facilitator: Dr Rosalind Lim-Tan

(Director, Holistic Child Development, MBTS, Director, Education Program, AGST Alliance)


February_May 2018

On-campus sessions: 19-24 April

On campus location: TBC


Christian Thinking and Ministry Practice

Facilitator: Dr Jennifer Turner

(pastor, mentor & writer, Perth Australia)

July- October 2018

On-campus: 6-11 September

On-campus location: TBC

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DMin in Leadership
July 2018

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