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Doctor of Education (Spiritual Formation and Discipleship)

Program components

Our AGST Alliance EdD is a 36 credit program, with these components:

  • Coursework – 18 credits
  • Critical engagement project – 3 credits
  • Dissertation – 15 credits

[One credit is equivalent to a minimum of 13-14 hours of classroom instruction and 20 hours outside of the classroom. However, for MTh/EdD programs there is likely to be a smaller number of on-campus hours and more time expected to be given to assessable pre-campus and post-campus work.]

A. Coursework (18 credits)

You complete modules for 18 credits:

  • Three core modules @ 3 credits per module
  • A compulsory research methods module @ 3 credits
  • Other modules, for 6 credits.

The modules are common with our MTh(Ed) program. (Click here to see the module topics)

Each module involves

  • pre-campus preparation: reading and assignments.
  • a 5-7 day intensive on-campus session.
  • post-campus reading and assignments.

3-credit modules span about 4 months; and 2-credit modules about 3 months.

1. Non-core modules are usually for 2 credits. A participant may request to complete extra assignment work for a module, to make it equivalent to a 3 credit module.
2. Up to two approved courses (maximum of 6 credits) from other accredited institutions may replace AGST Alliance non-core modules. Cross-credited courses need to be at the appropriate academic level.

B. Critical engagement project (3 credits)

This personalised field-based project is designed to encourage and enhance critically reflective, creative practice. The process will help you identify and examine the assumptions (personal, socio-cultural, theological, academic, etc.) underlying your educational approach(es), and how these assumptions influence your practice.

A mentor-coach journeys with you through the critical engagement project.

C. Dissertation (15 credits)

The dissertation is designed to demonstrate your competence to integrate educational, social science and spiritual formation theory with your professional practice. It will comprise original applied research that demonstrates advanced theological reflection and which is designed to enhance informed and improved practice in your organisation.

The length of the dissertation will normally fall in the range of 30,000-45,000 words (excluding references and appendices, but including footnotes), depending on the nature of the research. The dissertation is likely to have a significant quantitative or qualitative element to it.

The dissertation will probably require 18-24 months work after you complete the coursework. A supervisor will be with you through the dissertation process. Two competent external examiners will be appointed to examine the submitted dissertation.



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