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Master of Transformational Development

Faculty & Program committee


The main faculty for the Asia-based MTD program is those who are already teaching in the Eastern College Australia Eastern program.

A key person - both teaching and as the overall program director - is Steve Bradbury.

Steve Bradbury

Steve, from New Zealand, was for 25 years the National Director of TEAR Australia and was the inaugural chair of the Micah Network (an international network of over 300 Christian relief, development and justice organizations) and Micah Challenge International (a global advocacy campaign mobilizing Christians against poverty).

The intensive sessions of the units will also draw on practitioners and other experts from within the SE Asian region and further afield.

A strength of the program is the high degree of interaction and 'contextualising' between the students who are themselves practitioners bringing significant experience to the learning experience of the cohort.

Program committee

The program committee for the Asia-based MTD program comprises:

  • Steve Bradbury, Program Director.
  • Alvin Lim. Alvin is Senior Director, Finance and Communications, Malaysian Care, and serves as Malaysian Care's representative on the committee.
  • Pax Tan. (Program Director, Asia). Pax was a senior director in Malaysian Care, directing the Prison, Drugs and AIDS services. He is a Lutheran pastor and the vice-president of the International Substance Abuse & Addictions Coalition (ISAAC).
  • Tan Sooi Ling. Sooi Ling is the Academic Dean of AGST Alliance, and represents AGST Alliance on the committee.


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