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Master of Transformational Development

A unique master's program to integrate developmental practice and Christian theology.


  • A rigorous program, addressing key questions on transformational development, interacting with significant people in the field;
  • For practitioners in advocacy, aid and development, and social welfare organisations;
  • A 3 year, part-time, non-residential program which blends on-line and week-long face-to-face campus learning.
  • Integrating theology and practice - earthed in participants' ongoing work/ministry settings.
  • An opportunity to learn with practitioners of transformational development from around Asia in a supportive and collegial community;
  • Offered by AGST Alliance and Malaysian Care in partnership with Eastern College Australia.
  • Graduates will be awarded a Eastern College Australia Master of Transformational Development degree, an Australian government accredited degree.

What students in the MTD say:

"The combination of theological reflection and practice makes this a unique course and helps me develop a more blended approach to development and leadership."
Daniel (Sri Lanka)

"This program has been enriching and empowering. it has impacted on my understanding and practice of aid and development, and also helped me to reflect more biblically and in greater depth on my ministry journey thus far." Chee Loi (Malaysia)

"My wife has reminded me that in our country, the higher one goes in education the more likely it is that one forgets one's about responsibility to God and neighbour. I am happy that this program has challenged me to integrate faith with my study and my work as a manager in a development NGO." Sophal (Cambodia)

"Joining this program is the best decision I have made in helping me lead a growing organisation. The assignments are mind expanding and force me to delve deeper into theological reflection than I have in many years." Steve (Myanmar/Norway)

"This program is theologically grounded, yet deals with very practical ministry issues. The readings challenge my paradigms and open up new ways of learning and doing ministry. The lectures and cohort group engagements are enriching." Margaret (Malaysia)

"It has been tremendously challenging, endlessly fascinating and very rewarding. The flexibility of the program allows me to work on topics of immediate use in my vocational contexts. Highlights have been the broad range of theological and missiological thought I've been exposed to through the readings, and the wonderful friendships I've made with my fellow students around the world." Lyn (Nepal)



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