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Master of Transformational Development

Program content

This Asia-based MTD program provides a unique opportunity for robust theological reflection in which traditional, current and innovative responses to the needs of vulnerable communities are examined and evaluated

The program content seeks to integrate theology with practice, with emphasis placed on the development of a personal theology and spirituality sufficient to sustain and motivate Christians working in the demanding arenas of justice and development.

Unit topics

Six units are offered on a 3-year cycle:

Entry to the programme can be at any point in the cycle.

In addition, students are required to participate in a journaling activity that will run throughout the entirety of the programme. The focus of this activity is spiritual resilience and longevity. While of considerable importance, the very nature of this activity determines that it will be a non-assessed component in the programme.

Students will complete 5 coursework units and the last unit students will complete is a Research Paper in Transformational Development. Guidance for a research topic is provided in the sixth unit the student undertakes.



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