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Master of Transformational Development

Program fees & other costs

We want to ensure the MTD program is affordable to those in our region who would benefit from participating in it. Thus we have a variable program fee framework.

Note: Program fees per unit are set at the end of each calendar year. 2016 fees are expected to be approximately those shown below (MYR/USD exchange rates as at late August 2015)

  • Full-fee paying students: Students sponsored by their organisations/NGOs, especially international organisations; Australian citizens who qualify for government fee-help; and others whose main source of income is derived from higher economic countries.

    Program fees per unit: Approx. AUD3,900 (approx. MYR11,800/USD2,850).

    [Total program fees cost for full-fee paying students (6 units): Approx. AUD23,400 (approx. MYR71,000/USD17,100)]

  • Scholarship-eligible students: Scholarships funds will be available for self-funding students whose main source of income is derived from lower economic Asian countries, and those sponsored by organisations who main source of funding is derived from lower economic countries.

    The program fee contribution for such students: Approx. AUD1,300 per unit (approx. MYR4,000/USD950).

    [Total program fees cost for scholarship-eligible students (6 units): Approx. AUD7,800 (approx. MYR24,000/USD5,700)]

  • Further subsidies may also be available to students, decided on a case-by-case basis.
  • Australian citizens may qualify for government fee-help.
  • Fees/contributions may be paid on a semester-by-semester basis.



  • Students' costs of travel and accommodation for the 5-day on-campus sessions are in addition to the program fees.
  • We strongly encourage participants to seek the support of their organisation/agency, their church and/or foundations/trusts for the finances needed for the program.
  • Keep in mind that while the program costs are relatively high, this is due largely to program accreditation factors which will greatly enhance the acceptability of the MTD award across the aid and development/social welfare/advocacy sectors.




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