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MTh(Ed)/Postgrad Dip Ed programs

Program components

Our MTh(Ed):

  • a modular 30-credit program

  • may be completed in 2.5-3 years.


  • Modules

3 core modules @ 3 credits per module

9 credits
Other modules 9 credits
  • Practicum

3 credits
  • Thesis/educational project

(Alternatively: 4 credits extra modules + 4 credit educational project)

8 credits
  • Research skills workshop

(spread over several modules)

1 credit
30 credits


[One credit is equivalent to a minimum of 13-14 hours of classroom instruction and 20 hours outside of the classroom. However, for MTh programs there may be a smaller number of on-campus hours and more time expected to be given to assessable pre-campus and post-campus work.]


  • Modules (Click here to see the module topics)

You complete modules for 18 credits: three 3-credit core modules, and other modules for 9 credits.

Each module involves

  • pre-campus preparation: reading and assignments.

  • a 5-7 day intensive on-campus session.

  • post-campus reading and assignments.

3-credit modules span about 4 months; and 2-credit modules about 3 months.



  1. Non-core modules are usually for 2 credits. A participant may request to complete extra assignment work for a module, to make it equivalent to a 3 credit module.
  2. Up to two approved courses (a maximum of 6 credits) from other accredited institutions may replace AGST Alliance non-core modules. Cross-credited courses need to be at the appropriate academic level.


  • Practicum

Personalised field-based training helps you develop and/or sharpen skills needed by a competent educational facilitator in a Christian faith community setting.

A mentor-coach guides you through the practicum to help you evaluate and reflect theologically and educationally on the dynamics of the process.


  • Thesis/educational project

The thesis/educational project shows that you can competently focus and integrate aspects of the program with your interests and planned vocation. It demonstrates your ability to process course content and move beyond it.

The thesis/educational project will probably require at least 6-8 months' work after you complete the modules. A supervisor will be with you through the process.

Note: Instead of a thesis/educational project, participants may request to complete 4 extra credits of modules and a 4-credit educational project. Do not choose this option if you're planning to proceed with further higher-level studies.

  • Research skills workshop

This workshop helps mature-age students feel less daunted. It is designed

  • To hone your reading and writing skills

  • To introduce you to research methods and resources

  • To help you use library and internet facilities well.

The workshop is spread over several modules and before the thesis/project phase of the program.



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