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Doctor of Ministry in Leadership

Offered by AGST Alliance, Bible College of Malaysia and Malaysia Bible Seminary to enhance the professional development of pastors and leaders in Christian ministries.


Our DMin integrates structured theological reflection and critical thinking on ministerial practice, to provide a formative space for participants to learn, dialogue, challenge, discern and shape their ministry philosophy and practices.

Our DMin is designed to produce graduates who are more competent and passionate reflective ministry practitioners, and who

  • have enhanced skills for ministry, e.g. in preaching, teaching, formation and discipleship.
  • are better equipped to assess analytically and think theologically about contemporary ministry issues.
  • have a deeper biblical and theological appreciation of pastoral ministry and leadership.
  • possess expanded leadership, relational and conflict resolution skills.
  • are realising their own personal formation and spiritual maturity.

Graduates are likely to continue in (or take up new) pastoral and leadership ministry positions in their churches and organisations. They are also likely to be invited to teach applied courses in theological education institutions and other ministry situations.

Our DMin program is non-residential, modular and (for most participants) part-time.

  • No need for major work/ministry and family upheavals for several years.
  • Studies are earthed in participants' current vocational settings.
  • Some flexibility is possible.


This DMin program is a partnership program between AGST Alliance, Bible College of Malaysia (BCM) and Malaysia Bible Seminary (MBS).

Participants apply to the program through the institution of their choice (AGST Alliance, BCM or MBS), and will graduate with a qualification from that seminary.

The administration and quality assurance for the program is by AGST Alliance on behalf also of BCM and MBS.



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MED6-2 Education, Discipleship, and Spiritual Formation

Closing Date for enrollment: Sept 15, 2019
















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