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Doctor of Ministry in Leadership

Program Components

Our DMin is a 36-credit program, with these components:

  • Coursework: 24 credits
  • Dissertation: 12 credits

Note: the credit-structure for the AGST Alliance DMin is 36 credits, while it is 45 credits for the BCM/MBS programs. The programs are identical, but the credit values are calculated differently. So {same workload, different credits}.


A. Coursework (24 credits)

You complete modules for 24 credits:

  • 6 coursework modules
  • 4 credits per module
  • 2 modules per year

Each module spans 4 months, and has three phases:

  • 6–7 weeks home-based preparation, with some on-line interaction likely.
  • a 6 day on-campus intensive (Thursday to Tuesday).
  • 6–8 weeks post-campus reading and assignments.

The on-campus intensives run from Thursday to Tuesday. This intentionally includes Sunday, which will be a day for reflection, spiritual formation activities, corporate worship and sharing, and some recreation.

We will also strongly encourage students to undertake further spiritual development processes during their DMin program, but these activities won't have credit value.

Up to two approved courses (for a maximum of 4 credits) from other AGST Alliance programs or other accredited institutions may replace our DMin modules. Cross-credited courses need to be at the appropriate academic level.


B. Dissertation (12 credits)

The dissertation is designed to demonstrate your competence to integrate the theory of the various disciplines drawn on for Christian ministry with your ministry practice. It will comprise an original applied research project that demonstrates sound Christian reflection and which is designed to enhance informed and improved personal and organisational practices.

The length of the dissertation will normally fall in the range of 30,000–45,000 words (excluding references and appendices, but including footnotes), depending on the nature of the research. The dissertation is likely to have a significant quantitative or qualitative element to it.

The dissertation will probably require 15–18 months work after you complete the coursework. A supervisor will be with you through the dissertation process. Two competent external examiners will be appointed to examine the submitted dissertation.




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