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MTh(Theol)/Postgrad Dip Theol

Program components

The MTh(Theol):

  • a modular 30-credit program

  • may be completed in 3–3.5 years.



18 credits

Thesis Writing and Research

Part 1: Approaches and Practices of Theological Research [2 credits].
Part 2: Completed Formal Proposal [2 credits].
4 credits

Thesis                                                                                            (Alternatively: 2 major 4-credit papers)

8 credits


30 credits

[One credit is equivalent to a minimum of 13-14 hours of classroom instruction and 20 hours outside of the classroom. However, for MTh programs there may be a smaller number of on-campus hours and more time expected to be given to assessable pre-campus and post-campus work.

A. Modules

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You complete modules for 21 credits. Each module has a value of 3 credits.

Modules span about 4 months:

  • 6-7 weeks pre-campus preparation: reading and assignments.

  • 5-6 day intensive on-campus session.

  • 6-8 week post-campus reading and assignments.

Note: A maximum of 9 credits of coursework from other accredited institutions may replace AGST Alliance modules. Cross-credited courses need to be at the appropriate academic level and fit the focus of our AGST Alliance MTh(Theol).

B. Thesis/Major papers

The thesis is designed to show that you are able to competently focus and integrate aspects of the program with your interests and planned vocation within the Asian context. It will demonstrate your ability to process course content and move beyond it.

Your thesis will require at least 6-8 months work after you complete the modules. But you will not be alone, a supervisor will walk with you through the process.

An alternative to the thesis is to research and write two major papers. The decision on whether you complete a thesis or two major papers will be made in consultation with the Theology Programs Director. The expectations of the quality of your work will be similar to those for the thesis (see the paragraph above). The topic/focus of at least one of the two papers should arise from your own unique context.




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