Academic Expectations: Master of Transformational Development

Like all Masters programs, this is a second tertiary degree so the academic expectations are naturally higher than for your first degree.

The MTD is pitched at a level which reflects your ability to demonstrate these skills:

  • Understand what is ‘going on’ in a topic, not just ‘what happened’ (= ‘getting beneath the surface’).
  • Read, summarise and discuss quality texts and research which has been carried out up to a doctoral level.
  • Critically evaluate alternative viewpoints, from the basis of an understanding of fundamental issues relating to the topic and the use of primary sources.
  • Cope with contradictory and hostile interpretations.
  • Formulate and express a defensible viewpoint on topics that have been researched.
  • Make evaluative judgments with a high degree of confidence.
  • Formulate questions of importance in a topic.
  • Efficiently identify significant quality texts relating to the topic area and use them critically.
  • Make full and efficient use of library facilities, as well as electronic and internet resources.
  • Present written material in an appropriate format and following a recognised style guide.
  • Write in a way in which points made can be logically defended.

[Adapted from material by John Roxborough.]

If this seems to be a daunting list, don’t despair! These are skills we will help you acquire and sharpen, as you bring diligence and discipline along with your own wealth of experiences to the learning process.