Consortium & Partnership

There are currently 10 member seminaries, including 3 associate members, in the AGST Alliance consortium. They come from 5 South East Asian countries :

In Cambodia

Phnom Penh Bible School (Associate member*) (

In Malaysia

In Myanmar

Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (

In Singapore

East Asia School of Theology (

In Thailand

[* Associate members are seminaries which do not have recognised accreditation, or are unable to fulfil other requirements for full member status. They participate fully in all aspects of AGST Alliance, but do not have voting rights on the Governing Board.]

AGST Alliance is open to requests from other seminaries to join our consortium. They do not need to be linked to the Asia Theological Association, but do need to be in agreement with our theological and working bases.


AGST Alliance is a regional member of a wider Asia Graduate School of Theology (AGST) network of the Asia Theological Association. As a regional AGST entity, AGST Alliance seeks to align itself with the stated mission and thrust of ATA and AGST Asia-wide. Other national/regional AGST entities are:

AGST Alliance is also an associate member of the Malaysian Association of Theological Schools (MATS).