Asia Graduate School of Theology (AGST) Alliance is an Evangelical theological seminary that offers quality post-graduate programs in South East Asia. Established in 2004, it is part of the network of the AGST consortia, and comprises seminaries in Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand. Read more about us…

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  • Lianne Lee, Master of Theology graduate: “In these days of internet connectivity, the church is exposed to values and practices marketed to us the world over… My studies at AGST Alliance have exposed me to issues at the cutting edge of theological thinking.”
  • Lau Ying Kheng, Doctor of Education graduate: “I learned that education is not about writing a syllabus, or designing programs, or getting people to learn the way I want them to. It is about changing minds, and finding new ways to change their minds if my methods are not suitable.”
  • Caleb Chan, Doctor of Ministry student: “This module on leadership stimulates integrated thinking on how to use different leadership approaches to bring about fruitful changes.”

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