AGST Alliance is a non-campus theological education venture.

  • Most of the administration of our regional venture is internet-based. (As a result, we are increasingly paperless a pleasing development in the light of contemporary environmental concerns and a sound theological response to them.)
  • The intensive (5-8 day) on-campus sessions for the MTh program modules rotate around the campuses of member seminaries. The ease of travel to Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand on budget airlines has enhanced the feasibility of this. Moving around campuses like this shares the load and enhances mutually enriching interaction between the AGST Alliance students and the different seminaries.
  • As a consortium venture we utilise the library resources of our member seminaries. We also encourage students to draw on the resources of other theological institutions, universities and public libraries. (Interesting doors sometimes open when our students show their AGST Alliance student card.)
  • Increasingly, research resources are accessible on-line. A generous gift from Ogle Christian Trust enables AGST Alliance to maintain a subscription with EBSCO databases. Students and faculty have access to ATLA Religion Database with ATLA Serials, the Religion and Philosophy Collection, and ERIC (an education resource database). All three databases provide full-text facilities, and are a welcome resource addition for our students who are working on their thesis, dissertation and research papers.
  • AGST uses Edbrite as our web-based learning management system.